Vice Chancellor’s Message

Vice Chancellor's Message

As the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Loralai, I take immense pride in the significant contribution our institution has made to the quality education system in Loralai and the surrounding districts. Drawing upon my previous experiences and achievements, I am confident that we will build upon this foundation and achieve even greater success in the future. With a steadfast focus on our core mission, we will work collaboratively to strengthen and enhance the University of Loralai, ensuring its continued impact and relevance.

We recognize the need to adapt to the rapid changes in Balochistan's socio-economic landscape, and our objective is to cultivate a culture of forward-thinking research, impart high-quality education to the next generation, and make meaningful contributions to society through exemplary teaching, research, and innovation.

We are committed to optimizing our available resources without compromising on the quality of education and services we provide. Our student body represents diverse backgrounds and faces challenging socio-political circumstances. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of rigorous academic pursuits, objective research, and impartial analyses to address social equity issues and promote progress.

Above all, our ultimate goal is to empower our students to become academically proficient, socially responsible, and intellectually productive individuals who will make positive contributions both within our country and on a global scale.

Engr. Prof. Dr. Ehsan-Ullah Kakar, Vice Chancellor

Engr. Prof. Dr. Ehsan-Ullah Kakar