Pro-Vice Chancellor's Message

University of Loralai (UoLi) is already making tremendous contribution to the quality education system of Loralai and surrounding districts. This is my firm belief previous experiences will assist to synergize this contribution, in emergence of UoLi even stronger to endure value of its core mission.

The university strives to achieve academic excellence through continuous improvement of its research and teaching by providing faculty and students with an environment conducive for creation, dissemination and assimilation of knowledge. We emphasize on optimal utilization of the existing resources without compromising on quality. Our goal is to support our students become academically efficient; socially responsible; and intellectually productive citizens of the country and of the world. Such bright young people they are!

Teachers need to think out of the nutshell of syllabi and students must maneuver to go beyond mere grades. I am focused to initiate and flourish this culture at University of Loralai, and bid to make it a center of excellence in teaching, uniqueness, and research to render us capable of extending our services to local, national and international communities as a brand.

Prof. Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Bazai, Pro-Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Adil Zaman Kasi