Entrepreneurship Skills Certificate Course for Youth of Balochistan Organized by Individualland Pakistan with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation was held at University of Loralai, Main Campus from Oct 26th, 2021 to Oct 28th, 2021. Students enrolled in the different departments of UoLi attended the course. The course was comprised of following contents:

  1. Entrepreneurship: An Introduction What Entrepreneurs do and can do in Pakistan Group Activity.
  2. What is social entrepreneurship?
  3. Becoming a Social Entrepreneur Group Activity
  4. Digital Technology and Entrepreneurship
  5. How to run a Digital Entrepreneurship Venture in Pakistan
  6. Media and Information Literacy and Digital Entrepreneurship
  7. Mobile Journalism and Digital Entrepreneurship
  8. Management: An Introduction The interplay of Management and Entrepreneurship
  9. Introduction to Start ups and start up culture in Pakistan
  10. Market and Customers analysis for your entrepreneurship venture

The main purpose of this course was to inculcate awareness regarding entrepreneurship among the students. It was a healthy course overall, by which students got the awareness and the exposure towards new learning.