Chairperson's Message

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home”

Anna Quindlen

As a chair of the department of English at UoLi, Let me welcome you to our department website. I am honored to be the chair of our thriving English department.
The Department of English cultivates students’ imaginations, critical abilities, analytical and problem-solving skills via intensive study of linguistics and literature. Students use diverse texts and mediums to navigate their current surroundings and envision new ones. Our Bachelor Degree Program (BS English) uses public and digital humanities to connect students to their communities. The department not only improves them academically, intellectually, logically, and emotionally, but also prepares them for a wide array of careers.
In our classes, students read to gain insight into the world and their role within it. They write to provide their viewpoint to the public discourse. They engage in vibrant and meaningful debates on the texts they have read and written to develop informed viewpoints. To support their analysis and reaction to what they have read and discussed, they conduct research projects in terms of contexts, histories, and ideas. English majors contribute successfully to cultural, political, educational, corporate, and community leadership because of their understanding and communication skills. The English Literary Society (ELS) of the department helps students in channelizing their skills in the right direction by giving a path to better understand their capabilities.
I believe in instilling inclusivity, civility, diversity, and equality through a balanced approach that is both globalized and indigenized so that our students can act as a bridge and become custodians of their own culture, language, and literature, as well as having knowledge of international literary and linguistic debates as a citizen of a globalized E-society.
We welcome you in our department!

Dr.Muhammad Hussain

Programs Offered

BS English Language & Literature - 4 Years (8 Semesters)

Fee Structure

Particulars Fee (Rs.)
Admission fee (per academic session) 3,000
Registration fee (per academic session) 1,000
Security fee (Refundable) 2,000
Tuition fee (per semester) 3,000
Examination fee (per semester) 500
Laboratory/ Library fee (per semester) 500
Transport 500
Student Card 300
Sports 500
Total 11,300