Department of Education

The quality of education is directly related to the quality of teacher educaon & training. The learning process has shied from teacher oriented to student oriented. The curriculum, the methods of teaching & evaluaon techniques all are designed according to the needs and experience of students.

One of the main factors of decline in quality of educaon in our country is the tradional system of teaching. Keeping in view all these aspects of Educaon, The University of Loralai took a bold step and started Educaon Department in 2014. The mission of the University of Loralai, Educaon Department is; to prepare crically reflecve educators who are instruconal leaders, to create and share knowledge that leads to improved pracce and policy, and to connect with the field to support and nourish social jusce, learning, and accountability.

Chairperson's Message

It’s a moment of pride and satisfaction to welcome you in the education department. It is my hope that through our programs, we are able to provide quality education and training which will enables our graduates to effectively engage in providing services, for community. Education department fosters a culture of collaborative learning through innovative models of teaching and training. I, understand that growth entails changes within and outside ourselves and, therefore, offer opportunities to our students and colleagues to reflect and engage in critical thinking. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our graduates will have the skills and the capacity to play a role in the national and global markets through service, research, policymaking and advocacy. I warmly welcome our new students who are embarking on this new journey towards transformation and excellence.
Dr.Tanzeela Urooj

Programs Offered

  • M.Ed.
  • ADE (Associate Degree Program in Education)
  • BS Education
  • B.Ed. Hons
  • B.Ed. 2.5/1.5 Years

Eligibility criteria

  • Intermediate (FA/ FSC) or equivalent qualification with a minimum of second division from a recognized Institution/Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education to be eligible for admission in BS/B.Ed. programs.
  • Bachelor (BA/BS/ BSC/B.Ed.) with a minimum of second division from a recognized University to be eligible for admission in M.Ed. program.

Fee Structure

Particulars Fee (Rs.)
Admission fee (per academic session) 3,000
Registration fee (per academic session) 1,000
Security fee (Refundable) 2,000
Tuition fee (per semester) 3,000
Examination fee (per semester) 500
Laboratory/ Library fee (per semester) 500
Transport 500
Student Card 300
Sports 500
Total 11,300