How Admissions Work?

University of Loralai offers programmes according to Higher Education Commission (HEC) set standards. Most programmes conclude with a degree thesis or project. The academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • FALL SEMESTER begins at the end of August and lasts until mid-December, usually with a break at the end of December.
  • SPRING SEMESTER runs from March to the mid of July.

University of Loralai colliding its every effort for academic excellence, world-class teaching and research and a close-knit community, who creates a real interest in you.

"This place provides amazing networking and a lot of information on further study including exciting opportunities abroad."

University offers its students an ideal environment for academic excellence and professional growth. Life in the University is conducive for advanced studies. Students are provided with ample social avenues to refine their personalities and skills.

Fee Structure

Particulars Fee (Rs.)
Admission fee (per academic session) 3,000
Registration fee (per academic session) 1,000
Security fee (Refundable) 2,000
Tuition fee (per semester) 3,000
Examination fee (per semester) 500
Laboratory/ Library fee (per semester) 500
Transport 500
Student Card 300
Sports 500
Total 11,300